Our volunteers


Become a volunteer of INJAZ Al-Maghrib

  • What is an volunteer?


    A Volunteer is a corporate executive who chooses to give some of his/her time to help young people start their own companies; understand the mechanisms of financial markets and the corporate world.


    Being a Volunteer is providing training for INJAZ Al-Maghrib to students for half a day in the case of short programs, or two hours a week for 6 to 16 weeks for longer cycles.

    • You have an entrepreneurial spirit;
    • You know how to transmit your experience with passion;
    • You like the contact with young people;
    • You want to get involved; you are enthusiastic;
    • You know how to unite and motivate;
    • You have professional experience of at least 3 years;
    • You are a business executive, corporate director,
    • You have many years of professional activity in the area of free enterprise,
    • You are based in one of the cities where we operate: Casablanca, Rabat, Tangier, Marrakesh and Agadir, and you have a little free time – no more than two hours a week.

  • Your training


    Your training is demonstrated in 5 steps :
    01STEP 1 : we learn to know you: your waitings, your competences, your availability, etc…
    STEP 2 : We help you to choose your program: the first year, we recommend you to begin with a short program of half a day or of two hours a week during 6 weeks maximum.
    STEP 3 : We form you in our programs: once your chosen program, the representative for the operations of INJAZ will introduce you INJAZ Al-Maghrib as well as our pedagogic step. A guide by training for the advisers will be delayed to you.
    STEP 4 : You get ready: you acquaint yourself with the training guide which was delayed to you and you prepare for giving the program which you chose. The regional coordinator is there to answer all your questions. You can be helped by your sponsor who is senior ambassador or ambassador within your firm.
    STEP 5 : You give your first lesson in a schoolroom full of young students: you gather the fruit of your efforts by sharing with the young people that you supervise a common experience and by guiding their first steps towards working life.

  • Your journey within INJAZ Al-Maghrib


    Depending on your needs, your employment history and your availability, we advise you and direct you in choosing your training program.

    Several options are available to you. We recommend you to gradually start with a short program to familiarize yourself with our educational approach.

    If this is your first experience, we recommend to initially choose a short program that dispenses in one afternoon (EMC) or a few sessions (no more than 6) in two hours: It’s My Business or Economics For Success.

    You want to repeat the experience: your liked your first experience and you wish to renew your membership for the same program or a similar program: send us the enclosed membership form or contact the operations manager of your city.

    If you have more time: you can accompany us in delivering our flagship training program: Company Program. This is a program that is taught in high schools and universities for 13 to 16 weeks, and sanctioned by a national and regional competition in the MENA region (15 countries in competition).

    You can become our ambassador in your company: if you have been a volunteer for several years and want to get more involved in our project, you can become our ambassador in your company and promote the INJAZ program, sponsor young volunteers, accompany them in their training and recruit new volunteers.

    Programs Grade Level Number of sessions Number of hours per session Number of students per session Competition at the end of the program
    Company Program High school /st 16 ( 4 to 5 months) 1h30 25 to 30 YES
    Company Program University 13 ( 3 à 4 months) 1h30 25 to 30 YES
    Career Success High school 7 ( 1.5 months) 1h30 25 to 30 NO
    Economics for Success middle-school / 3rd 6 sessions ( 1.5 months) 1h30 25 to 30 NO
    It’s My Business middle-school 6 sessions ( 1.5 months) 1h30 25 to 30 NO
    Entrepreneurship Masterclass middle-school 1 4h 40 YES
    Stock in Action High school 7 ( 12 weeks) 2h 25 YES
    Steer your Career University 7 ( 7 weeks) 1h30 25 to 30 NO
    Smart Start  University 24 (6 weeks) 2h 6 seminar of presentation
    I Camp Primary 1 4h 100 NON
    Business Leaders High school and university 1 2 50

  • How to become a volunteer ?

  • CLUB of volunteers


    On Saturday, October 25th, a morning of reflexion was organized on the initiative of the founder members of the Volunteers Club of INJAZ Al-Maghrib on themes of recruitment, of loyalty and promotion of the volunteers as well as on activities and contribution of the Club in the development of INJAZ Al-Maghrib.

    All over your experience, you represent this opening on a world which is still foreign to them: the firm. By the virtue of example, you inspire the young people by transmitting them stocks keys of the entrepreneuriat and help them so their employabilité has ̀ improve.

    You will benefit from a training in programs conceived by experts of junior Achievement Worldwide, worldwide leader in education has the entrepreneurship ̀. INJAZ Al-Maghrib is member of network “junior Achievement Worldwide”, creates in 1919 in the United States to prepare the young people for the professional world. His principle: mobilize local businessmen to develop programs which form the young people, from primary school to university, the entrepreneurial experience.