You are a middle-school, high-school or university student from public establishments ? 

 You have an entrepreneurship spirit ?  You have many ideas for your project ? You are creative ?

 Our programs are made for you!

The training programs of INJAZ Al-Maghrib are intended for youth from public establishments :

  • public middle-schools
  • public high schools,
  • partner universities of different branches (Experimental Sciences, Mathematical Sciences, economic, social and legal Sciences, etc.).

Our objective is to form you in entrepreneurship and to prepare you for the business world by allowing you to follow a training given by volunteers who voluntarily come to teach you our training programs.

Thanks to the involvement of these volunteers and across this experience distribution, you will discover the challenges of the business world.

Our programs are conceived by Junior Achievement Worldwide, world leader in entrepreneurship education since 1919, translated and adapted to the Moroccan context by our association.

Studies led in Europe showed that 30 % of youth  who were trained in the Company Program  create their enterprise at the age of 25 years.

  • Middle schools that deliver our programs in 2016/2017



    • Zerktouni middle school
    • Kastalani middle school
    • Ibn Tabous middle school
    • Roudani middle school
    • Ibn Battouta middle school
    • Abdelmalek middle school


    • Najah middle school
    • Ibn Toufail middle school
    • Bouchoirine middle school
    • Al Qods middle school
    • Souss Al Alima middle school
    • 20 aout middle school


    • Al Qods middle school
    • Ibn Tofail middle school


    • Cadi Ayad middle school
    • Jamal Eddine Afghani middle school


    • Al Hansali middle school
    • Fatima El Fihri middle school


    • Ahmed Chaouki middle school
    • Lalla Hasna middle school
    • Taha Houssein middle school
    • Imame Malik middle school
    • Al Qods middle school
    • Ibn Arif middle school


    • Ennacer middle school
    • Moulay Rachid middle school
    • Oued Eddahab middle school


    • Cadi Ayyad middle school
    • Al Massira middle school
    • Ibn Khaldoun middle school
    • Khansaa middle school

  • High schools that deliver our programs in 2016/2017



    • Ebnou Yasmine high school
    • Oullada high school
    • Ebnou Arabi high school
    • Abdelaziz El Fechtali high school
    • Technique Anoual high school
    • Lemsalla high school
    • Jaber Ben Havane high school
    • Khawarizmy high school
    • Technique Mohamedia high school
    • Chawki high school
    • Al Khansaa high school
    • Baroudi high school
    • Moulay Driss I high school
    •  Imam Malik high school


    • Zerktouni high school
    • Essahra high school
    • Moussa Ibn Noussair high school
    • Salah Eddine El Ayoubi high school
    • Abou Abbes Sebti high school
    • Sidi Abderrahmane high school
    • Cadi Ayyad high school


    • Aourir high school
    • Zerktouni high school
    • Rahal Ben Ahmed high school
    • Anoual high school
    • Al Majd high school
    • Hassan El Khanat high school
    • Omar Khayyam high school


    • Laymoune


    • Lalla Khadija
    • El Fath
    • Al Khalij
    • Mohammed VI


    • Maarik Tiggal
    • Hassan II
    • Tanmia
    • Technique


    • Ibn Abdoune
    •  Ibn Yassine
    • Phosphate


    • Al Khawarismy
    • Acharif Al Idrissi
    • Hassan II


    • Abderrahmane Nacer
    • Abdelmalek As Saadi
    • Ibno Sina
    • Ibn Al Haytam
    • Mohamed V


    • Ibn Battouta
    • Moulay Youssef
    • Zineb Nafzaouia
    • Abi Bakr Errazi
    • Abdel Khalek Torres
    •  Technique Ksar Sghir
    • Roi Fahd Ibn Abdelaziz
    • Abi El Abbas Sebti
    • Ibn Khatib


    • Lalla Aicha
    • Moulay Youssef
    • les Orangers
    • Omar Khayyam
    • Moulay Abdellah
    • Moulay Abdellah
    • bdel Karim Al Khatabi
    • Dar Salame
    • Abidar El Ghifari
    • Hassan II
    • Abi Bakr Seddik
    • Imam Al Ghazali
    • Salmane Al Farissi
    • Ibn Roched
    • Abdellah Gennoun


    • Al Berdouzi
    • Abdessalam Amer
    • LTayeb Alaoui


    • Abi Chouaib Doukkali
    • Cods
    • Er-Razi
    • Sidi Bennour
    • Imam Ghazali
    • Iben Khaldoune


    • Abdellah Alaroui
    • Ibn Hazm
    • Abdelkrim Rais
    • Imam Ibn Hanbal
    • Al Addarissa
    •  Ibn Sina
    • Fakhreddine Errazi
    •  Ibn Rochd
    • Moulay Idriss
    • Technique
    • Youssef Ibn Tachfine


    • Moulay Ismail
    • Lala Amina
    • Mohammed El Meknessi
    • Abd Rahmane Ibne Zidane
    • Omar Ibn Alkhattab