Steer your Career (Update in progress...)

Steer your career teaches young students the skills needed to succeed in the workplace and the world of entrepreneurship. This program also aims to develop personal and innovative strategies and skills to research and job maintenance. The description below shows the topics and concepts covered during each session of training:

  • Session 1 : Leadership


    Students are introduced to the art of directing people in a transparent and authentic way. This session describes what leaders do.

  • Session 2 : Management of time


    Students are introduced to the art of time management and the relationship between stress and poor time management.

  • Session 3 : Oral Communication


    Students are introduced to the basic concepts of oral communication as an art of public speaking.

    They are also asked to explore the use of technology for this purpose.

  • Session 4 : Writing Communication


    Students are introduced to the concepts of different types of professional means of written communication: resume, letters, emails

  • Session 5 : Problems solving


    Students are introduced to problem solving and the process of decision making while taking manage impartialités.

    Moreover, they learn to become familiar with creative ways to develop problem solving skills.

  • Session 6 : Group dynamics and conflict management


    Students are introduced to the group dynamics and learn about the team development process.

    They also learn key tips to effectively manage teams, conflict and negative arguments in such an environment.

  • Session 7 : job search


    This module addresses the key tips for finding a job and present strategies to improve the job search process.