Smart start (Update in progress...)

affiche-3ème-édition-ST-bdThe SMART START’s program aims to deepen the knowledge of students on their understanding of what must be achieved before a business creation. In other words, students will have to take a step back and think carefully and methodically about their idea and consider how to make their project viable and sustainable. Students are completely immersed in a process of long-term reflection on their choice of product or service, its niche, its scalability, etc.  The program lasts for 6 months and consists of 2-hours weekly meetings.

  • Concept


    The program is based on mentoring. Groups are encouraged to discuss with their mentors how their junior companies can really take shape in the real world. They will discuss issues related to scalability, acquisition and market growth.

  • Objective of the program


    The program aims at preparing students for a seminar organized by INJAZ Al-Maghrib and Attijari Finance Corp that brings together investors, incubators and all the actors of the entrepreneurial ecosystem. The teams will present their project and will have all the tools necessary to integrate an incubator, continue their training or receive funding from investors wishing to take part in their project.


  • Approach


    Accompany students with viable projects toward the effective creation of their business – spontaneous and selected applications (application form + oral interview)

  • Target audience


     University students who were enrolled in the Company Program and have a genuine business creation project- limited number: 10 start-ups (1 to 6 people)

  • Program Contents


    • Program based on discussions, meetings, advices…
    • Groups are integrated into a community of SMART START entrepreneurs (meetings, roundtables with specific themes, exchange platforms…) to discuss various issues, exchange good practices, and develop listening skills…
    • Agenda suggestions with conferences, demonstrations, associations, specialized literature

    3 parts in the program: technical (creation of a comprehensive business plan; legal part and establishment of a raising funds plan), marketing (how well do you sell your project), personal development (coaching sessions to develop the soft skills: time management, verbal and non-verbal communication, business label, etc…)

  • Program format


    • Working groups: 1 to 6 people
    • Flexible meetings between each group and its mentor ( about once a week) + personalized monitoring (mails, calls, Skype) – formal or informal meeting locations (INJAZ, Attijari or other venues)
    • Autonomous groups that can ask their mentor for a technical, personal or emotional problem

  • Follow-up


    • Mentoring
    • Personal coaching “entrepreneur to entrepreneur”
    • Building a lasting relationship based on mutual trust
    • Targeted meetings around specific issues