I Camp (Update in progress...)

BOO4The objective of this camp is to introduce university students with an entrepreneurship business project, through practice, creative methods (brainstorming, selection of relevant ideas …) and innovation (Business Model), by offering to present, after 5 hours of research, a creative and innovative solution to a real-life problem submitted by INJAZ’s team or a business sponsor. The challenge is to gather dozen teams of 10 to 15 students who benefit from the coaching of volunteers. A business plan model is provided to each team and its volunteers as well as a presentation focusing on verbal and non-verbal language. On this basis, a committee judges the performance of each team and selects a finalist whose idea convinced the jury.


  • Step 1 :


    Getting to know each other and practicing creativity exercises.


    At the first stage of the event, students must be divided into groups of 20-30 students to be guided by teachers. Teachers should conduct activities to break the ice and allow members of the respective teams to get to know each other, particularly in the case of international events where students come from different backgrounds and countries. Therefore, more time should be allocated to this activity at international events. Exercises to that stimulate students’ creativity and help them develop their ideas. The development of ideas is a training method that uses a number of different techniques. If students receive specific training tools prior to the event and gain some experience in the development of ideas from the start, the quality of their ideas will be much better during the competition itself.

  • Step 2 :


    Introducing the company’s challenge and starting to work on the project in teams.


    The teams meet in the affected rooms and start working on solutions to the tasks they have been assigned. They should receive a form to fill where the following information should be present:

    • Briefly describe the business idea
    • Identify the target audience
    • Describe how they intend to proceed with regards to the development cycle of the product, how they intend to finance their business, describe the additional costs and the necessary technologies
    • Develop a marketing plan and a sales budget
    • Determine the price of the product / service
    • Describe what is unique about their ideas

The contents of the form and the way each team presents their idea should constitute the basis on which the teams will be judged.