Entrepreneurship Masterclass (Update in progress...)

Injaz-Morocco-KALAN-89Entrepreneurship MasterClass is a 4-5 hour initiation workshop which aims at familiarizing middle-school students with the business world and uncovering the budding entrepreneurial talents of these young people. The students learn the key mechanisms of a business (company name, key functions, cost structure, pricing, etc.) through a simple practical exercise: manufacturing a product. The work is carried out in teams, in a relaxed atmosphere, by exchanging and sharing ideas. The students promote their products while respecting the rules of fair competition. The best team receives a symbolic prize.

Program School level Number of sessions Number of hours per session Number of students per session
Competition at the end of the year
Entrepreneurship Masterclass middle-school 4h        40 yes ( internal)
1                                 4h

The workshop is animated by a volunteer whose dynamic, sense of entrepreneurship and enthusiasm are contagious. Serving as a role model to students, he/she  inspires them.

  • Program targets :


    Students aged between 12 to 17, preferably those of 14/15, who will make their career choices at the end of the year. Training is provided in groups of fifty students.

  • Main learning outcomes :


    • Understand the main challenges when creating a company
    • Identify the key skills and entrepreneurial attitudes necessary
    • Create concrete opportunities to test individual skills in entrepreneurship
    • Identify the processes, constraints and obstacles to entrepreneurship
    • Benefit from experiences of entrepreneurs and established business men, who share their enthusiasm and vision.

  • Animation mode:


     The animation should be lively and punctuated by concrete examples that are meaningful to students. It is done through presentations, workshops and discussions.

    Each organizer has been trained in advance by INJAZ and its animation methods.

The organizer, while supporting participants, gradually advances through a series of actions and practical tasks. He/she lead to the creation of virtual companies and the distribution of key functions within each company. Then, participants choose a logo and a name for their company. Afterwards, they begin the manufacturing of their product while conforming to clear standards.

The work is done in teams, in a friendly atmosphere, through the exchange and sharing of ideas. Students promote their products within the framework of fair competition. A prize is awarded to the project that was best rated by the jury.

JA Entrepreneurship Masterclass introduces the concepts and develops the following skills:

  • Notions – company name, brand, business functions, skills, market, competition, profit, profitability, direct and indirect costs, investments, economies of scale, production, price, the prototype design.
  • Skills – Creativity, sharing of new ideas, taste for challenges, active listening, information analysis, evaluation and cost-benefit analysis, decision making, taking into account given parameters, teamwork, interpretation of information, computations, speaking in public, knowledge of French.

  • Community Day with WAFACASH


    Community Day with WAFACASH: 3900 students were initiated to entrepreneurship in partnership with INJAZ Al-Maghrib

    On Saturday, November 8th, 2014, 3900 students of the public secondary schools were initiated to entrepreneurship by 136 volunteers, business executives from Wafacash in 10 cities of Morocco: Casablanca, Rabat, Marrakesh, Agadir, Fez, Oujda, Laayoune, Tangier, Safi and Khouribga.

    For the 1st time, INJAZ Al-Maghrib’s collaborators organized in collaboration with Wafacash’s volunteers  an operation of national wingspan to initiate the same day, 3900 students of the public secondary schools in the Entrepreneurship Masterclass, a program of Junior Achievement Worldwide, world leader in entrepreneurship education.

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  • Community days with Al Barid Bank


    INJAZ Al-Maghrib and Al Barid Bank signed a partnership agreement to launch a nationwide operation to deploy entrepreneurship awareness programs for young 3000 

    Monday October 5th, 2015, Al Barid Bank Al-Maghrib and INJAZ Al-Maghrib signed an agreement to strengthen their partnership through the deployment of outreach programs INJAZ Al-Maghrib in all regions of the Kingdom. As a partner and major contributor of INJAZ Al-Maghrib, Al Barid Bank is committed to mobilize its employees in the deployment of Entrepreneurship Masterclass programs and Company Program for 3000 young people.

    A nationwide operation: ‘A EMC per month in 10 cities in Morocco’

    Al Barid Bank intends to mobilize all its employees across the country to provide the program Entrepreneurship Masterclass of Junior Achievement Worldwide, a global leader in entrepreneurship education, at a rate of a city per month throughout the school year 2015/2016.

    Download HERE the press kit of the partnership with  Al Barid Bank

    Agenda : 

    November 28th, 2015 : Community days with ABB at Yaacoub El Mansour and Lalla Aicha high schools of Rabat

    December 5th, 2015 : Community days with ABB at  2 Mars, Bent Bekkar and Kastalani high schools of Casablanca

    February 20th, 2016 : Community Day with ABB at  Mukhtar Soussi high-school of Kenitra

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    April 30th and May 7th, 420 executives of Attijariwafa bank were mobilized to animate Entrepreneurship Masterclass workshops to the benefit of 6000 youth of Casablanca, Fez, Laayoune, Oujda, Agadir, Marrakesh, Meknes, Inezgane, Berkane and Nador.

    AGENDA :

    Saturday, April 30th,  2016 : ( Agadir, Casablanca, Fez, Laayoune and Oujda)

    • Agadir :20 août middle-school
    • Casablanca : Zerktouni, Ibn Al Mouaket, Imam Jazouli and  Ibn Batouta middle-schools
    • Fez : Ibn Toufeil, Al Addarissa and Omar El Khiyam middle-schools
    • Laayoune : Jamaleddine Al Afghani middle-school
    • Oujda : Al Bekri and Al Jahed middle-schools

    Saturday, April 7 th, 2016 : ( Berkane, Marrakesh, Inezgane, Meknes and  Nador)

    • Berkane : Ebnou Rochd middle-school
    • Marrakech :  Ahmed Chaouki middle-school
    • Inezgane : Bouchouariyine middle-school
    • Meknès : Moulay Hafid and Allal Ben Adbellah middle-schools
    • Nador : Al Kindi middle-school