Board of Directors


In order to rise to the challenge of adapting our governance to the new issues arising from our 2020 development plan, the Combined Meeting of Shareholders December 21st, 2015 initiated a fundamental change by proposing to overhaul our Articles of Association as follows:

  • Membership henceforth restricted to corporations only
  • A plural voting system to be introduced at the Combined General Meetings to take into account the contributions made by active members
  • Implementing eligibility criteria for Board members to take into account the involvement of Association members and limiting the number of board members to eight
  • Introducing new governance bodies such as an audit committee and an advisory board

Members of INJAZ’s Bureau

  • Mrs. Laila Mamou – Chairman and CEO
  • Mr. Tazlaoui, Vice-Chairman
  • Mrs Kadiri, General Secretary
  • Mr. Souhail, Treasurer