Business Leaders conference cycle on the anniversary of INJAZ Al-Maghrib

Business Leaders conference cycle on the anniversary of INJAZ Al-Maghrib

On the occasion of the anniversary of INJAZ Al-Maghrib on October 26, 2007, several Business Leaders conferences were organized in Casablanca, Oujda, Rabat, Nador, Agadir and Marrakesh on October 26th, 2017. A special mention for Casablanca which has organized for the first time a conference in TedX format involving several leaders, which enriched the exchanges through the different paths of stakeholders. 8 business leaders shared their experience with youth. A big THANK YOU to the speakers for having inspired youth and giving them the desire to undertake!


AT CASABLANCA –   at the Ben M’sick Faculty  

  • Mr.  Lahlou, Designer & Director of the Board of the World Design Organization 
  • Mr. Guergachi, Strategy and CSR Director at BMCI Group
  • Mr. Sebti, CEO of WB&C and CMO of Smarteez

AT RABAT – at the Entrepreneurship Center of Mohammed  V

  • Mrs Lfal, General Director of le Adjointe in charge of Logistics Parcel pole Barid Al Maghrib

AT OUJDA – at Mehdi Ben Barka high-school 

  • Mr. Fatmi, Founder of Audiflex
  • Mr. Zergqane, Manager of Oriental Transmission and Midi Decoration

AT NADOR – at  Abdelkarim Al Khattabi high-school

  • Mr. Eddaghoughi, Manager of Solution Hydraulique Electrique


  • Mr. Chraibi, Director of Attijariwafa bank Network 

AT AGADIR – at the FSJES d’Ait Melloul Faculty 

  • Mr. Boubrik, Director of Attijariwafa bank southwestern region